Rasa International, LLC is a qualified; FDA & OFAC registered devices and Equipment Company that has developed a commercialization and pioneer distribution platform for the medical device industry throughout the World.

The company is specialized in commercializing new and innovative medical devices and equipment  to and from the United States, to the Middle East, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Turkey and Iran  markets. This enables interested companies to concentrate and invest in new healthcare technologies and most sophisticated  health technologies into the well being of society.

Over the decades, Rasa International has been supplying both medical professionals, health care providers with quality and discounted medical equipment and supplies.

Our mission is to empower our customers with the cost-effective and quality tools and materials in order to improve health care facilities and well-being of society. Rasa International has earned the reputation of being one the most respected and dependable and reliable supplier of medical equipment in the United States today and in Middle East market.
Our primary focus is to provide new and innovative medical products to our network of healthcare customers including hospitals, physician offices surgery centers, import and exporting companies in Middle East and all around the world.

Rasa International provides the expertise and experience for companies that have new and innovative medical devices and products we carry, ensuring a quick market adoption for the products we commercialize.

Rasa International’s innovative surgical instruments are originated in Germany as well as the USA. Our surgical instrument line includes more than 10,000 different products, re-usable and disposable surgical devices.

These products are used by hospitals surgeons, technicians in the field of general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedic, cardiovascular, and neurosurgery. Unsurpassed 3D visualization software for MRI and CT scans that support the practicing physician.

These stunning 3D images allow the physician to aid in intervention, patient communication and surgical planning. Non-IT department dependent, this software improves workflow and provides complete control of the physicians advanced imaging needs all from an existing PC or laptop.